Let’s raise the funds to make lung cancer irrelevant.  Let’s raise the funds to save Erika’s life.

Why the Dollars Matter

The drug that is keeping Erika alive today was only approved 8 months ago.  This is how critical research dollars have become to a lung cancer patient.   This drug will eventually stop killing Erika’s cancer, they all do.  But with more research dollars, we can approve more drugs to fill the pipeline so we can make a difference to Erika and others with lung cancer.  We need the dollars to push through the critical research so these drugs become available immediately.  Help us fund more research so Erika can live to enjoy more birthdays, more holidays, more good-night kisses. 

Lung Cancer does not Receive Equal Funding

Did you know that lung cancer, the leading cancer killer in the U.S., receives the smallest percentage of available funds?  Federal funding provides $130 million to breast cancer and $100 million to prostate cancer yet ONLY $14 million to lung cancer.   Why don’t lung cancer patients deserve the same funding opportunities as other cancer patients?

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