Dance and donate for lung cancer research

We launched the Dance for Life Challenge in honor of our dear friend Erika Hlavacek a 42-year-old, non-smoker, wife and mother of two—and others like her diagnosed with terminal Lung Cancer.

Throughout her journey, Erika has met many lung cancer patients who have shared stories of success and sadly, stories of worry and despair.  Her unyielding passion for lung cancer education and awareness, has led her to create her own line of merchandise   http://yeahbestlife.org/ which supplements existing funding efforts.  Because she is so ingrained in the lung cancer community and understands the politics behind these funding streams, she works closely with the doctors driving this critical research.  Through this campaign, we hope to raise funds so Erika can help find the next treatment or better yet, a cure.  

Our Goal

With lung cancer being the leading cancer killer in the US right now and too few dollars allocated to its research, we need to take an active role in saving lives by raising funds for cancer research.  Anyone of us reading this right now can be stricken with lung cancer today, tomorrow or next week so don’t wait to get involved.  Dance and donate to EDUCATE your friends and family about lung cancer, ADVOCATE for it’s victims and support the ELIMINATION of this dreadful disease.

Watch Erika’s story on NBC here highlighting major progress made in the fight against lung cancer with more FDA-approved treatments

The Challenge

The Dance for Life Challenge was modeled after the astounding success of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  In a matter of years, the Ice Bucket Challenge raised more than $100 million towards critical research. Let’s do the same for Lung Cancer Research! More Research = More Life

Here’s the challenge:

-Record yourself dancing for 10-20 seconds challenging three friends or family members to do the same

-Post your video on social media 

-Click the donate button below to make a donation to Lung Cancer Research

How You Can Help

Join us!


-Record yourself dancing for 10-20 seconds challenging three friends or family members to do the same. 

-Post your video on social media.

-Be sure to tag the friends you challenged. Add this hashtag #danceforlifechallenge


Click here to make a donation to Lung Cancer Research Giving online has never been more secure, convenient or hassle-free with our one-click donation.


Share our website and Dance for Life message with friends and family.

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